The Instagram Audit Service

When it comes to fashion brands, Instagram is definitely one of the most important places to be and get noticed. Through your Instagram account you have the opportunity to showcase your fashion products in so many ways and get your message out there without having to pay for expensive ads. What I notice with most of my clients is they treat their business instagram accounts like a personal social media network which on one hand is great because customers get to know the person behind the brand but on the other hand customers don't really know what is this brand selling. 

That's why I'm launching my Instagram Audit service where I review your fashion business account and give you advice on how to make your grid more attractive and sellable to your customers. I go through everything: the visuals, the styling, the copy, the e-commerce... you name it! 

For a limited time only I'm offering this service for only £39! So book your audit today while the launching offer lasts. Get in touch here