1:1 Business Sessions

Struggling to grow your fashion business? 

Did you just set up your fashion brand and you feel lost and unmotivated? 

I'm here to help! I have worked more than 10 years in the fashion industry with small and big brands and I know the struggles that a fashion entrepreneur can face. 

On my 1:1 sessions we dig deep into your business, we see what works and what doesn't and together we create a clear strategy for the future of your brand. 



A great combination of personal advice and community. 

Every week you contact me your specific struggle and within 24 hours I get back to you with advice and guidance. This way you can actually have me on a standby when the problem actually appers rather than just booking a 1:1 session. It's an affordable way to have a fashion business coach on 'speed-dial' whenever you need it! 

At the same time you'll be member of a Facebook Group with other like-minded fashion business owners where yo can also share you wins and stuggles. 

The Coach on Call is a Pay as You Go service and you can receive for as long as you need it and cancel at anytime.    

PRICE: £40/month






We meet online via Zoom where we take a thorough look at your business and I'll bring you clarity, my full support and practical advice on how to grow your brand and improve your overall online presence. Prior to our meeting I'll send you to fill out a questionnaire so I can have beforehand all the information I need to help you and you'll get a full hour of support!  

PRICE: £97